Healthcare instruments

The precision zero-flux gate current transducers (DCCT) are widely used to various medical instruments.

Application for MRI systems:

For Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) systems, the 3 orthogonal magnetic fields would be generated by there individual gradient coils, obviously which would be driven by precision gradient amplifiers. In order to get high quality imaging,  keeping stable gradient magnetic field is much crucial by controlling the output current of gradient amplifiers accurately.  Usually, we could monitor the output current to coil, and feed back to amplifier to adjust the current to achieve accuracy and stability.

With the development of MRI, providing much clear images,  higher fine resolutions, quicker response, more complex patterns and stronger magnetic field especial for superconducting systems, if we should quickly and accurately monitor higher current, our Anyway PI series current transducers are pretty competent to this job,  as compared with the traditional Hall based transducers and current shunt, the PI series current transducer could provide extremely low non-linearity error, lower ripple, negligible temperature coefficient, wider bandwidth and higher current range.

Application for Heavy ion medical machine :

Heavy ion medical machine(HIMM) generally generate accelerated particle with high kinetic energy to hit and kill tumor cells.  HIMM could provide much more efficiency way to kill tumor cells due to higher biological effect, such as physical characteristic of heavy ions Bragg peak.

The Anyway fluxgate based current transducer, could assist the magnet power suppliers of accelerator  to provide much precision and stable current.  the Anyway series could provide from 100 A to more than 10 KA DCCT models to meet all kinds of magnet power suppliers for particle therapy accelerators.

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